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Empowering women
to live life fully

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
– Mary Oliver


I’m Viv!

I love Mary Oliver’s quote. It spurs me to action. It is my ‘go to’ quote when I am unsure about my priorities, my needs, what the hell I am doing with my life.

Her quote gives me laser focus. About how I want this half of my life to be. I hone in immediately on my vision and the steps I need to get there.

And if my vision is fuzzy, the quote reminds me to breathe, to get grounded, to remember.

That quote, that very profound question, is why I Coach.

We have one life, one relatively short life. This is it. And with this life comes change. Constant. Unavoidable. Change can be difficult, sometimes really difficult. Made even more difficult when we don’t manage it easily. I know.

I see women struggle with change. I struggle. Midlife is fraught with struggle. Uncertainty. Worry. Women at midlife face enormous change. So much change. Hard change. Unexpected change.  

But we cannot avoid it. Change is inevitable throughout our lives.

We may even desire change. We may be excited for change as our lives shift.

A lot of us feel far from done. A niggling dissatisfaction. A yearning. Yes, some or many goals have been reached. A life has been nurtured and lived. We can and should feel proud of these goals. Of this life.

But we now understand, at a deep level, our mortality. We get that life is sacred. And brief. And how we want our lives to be may be different than how they have been up to this point.

There is more to do. More to be. More learning. More growth. More discovery. Of self. Of the world. There may be healing to do. Grieving. Honouring. Acceptance.


  • Kids are grown and gone, or soon will be
  • Retirement is on the horizon
  • Current work is unsatisfying
  • Relationships are shifting, losing their vitality, ending
  • Relocation or downsizing is happening
  • Health has changed
  • Loved ones are no longer here…

And the list continues. So many changes as we live life, and some (or all) are not easy to navigate. Even if we want them. 

We may feel guilt. We are so hard on ourselves. And as we move through life, the conflict within can intensify if we absorb society’s messages about growing older.

Identity can be turned upside down.

I support and guide women like yourself, midway through life, seeking something but not sure exactly what. More clarity. More meaning. More satisfaction. With work. With life. With retirement. With relationships. With yourself.

You understand the brevity of life, and want to live it fully and purposefully. It is time to reclaim your rightful place in your life as a confident, courageous, gorgeous Goddess who deserves to live the next chapter with meaning and authenticity.


This has been my journey, and my passion is to help other women on their journey. It’s not easy to do alone. And I don’t want any woman to feel alone navigating this period of change. 

I want to help!

This is your life, your one wild and precious life, and you have earned the right to live it your way. 

Authentically. Meaningfully. UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

If any of this resonates with you, if you long to live your most authentic life, you are in the right place.

“Midlife is when the universe gently places her hands upon your shoulders, pulls you close, and whispers in your ear: It’s time.”
– Brené Brown
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Who is Minerva?

Why Minerva, people ask.

Minerva is the Roman Goddess of wisdom and creativity. The owl, symbol of wisdom, is her companion. Minerva embodies the strength and wisdom that I believe resides within all women. She is also the Goddess of war. The mythology applies the latter title to war with others; I apply it to the war we may fight within ourselves as women, a constant internal battle of conflicting thoughts, beliefs, emotions and values.

Minerva helps us remember that we are all Goddesses. 

Some have just not embraced their True Nature yet.

It is time.

The poem describing Minerva signifies our ability, and necessity, to shift our old beliefs, if no longer serving us, to beliefs and thoughts that align with our truest selves.

Minerva, Goddess of Wisdom

I am what I think
my life is shaped and formed
by what I tell myself
Who I am in the world
is who I think I am
What I have in the world
is what I think I can have
The contents of my mind
are what I choose
I discard, cut out, drop
that which doesn’t contribute
What others believe about me
is their story
It tells more about what they think
than who I am
In my journey
I make sure that what I carry
is of my own careful choosing
and serves me well

Minerva symbolizes the need to examine beliefs and change them if they do not nurture your wholeness.

Important questions to ask oneself:

  • How are your thoughts interfering with your relationships, your energy, your joy, your health?
  • Do you believe what others think and might say about you?
  • Are you continuing to play old negative messages that were programmed into you as a child?
  • How do you view yourself?
  • Are you hard on yourself?
  • Do your beliefs support and nurture your growth?
  • How do you handle change?

We all walk through life with a story about who we are. If the story leads to suffering, whether emotional, spiritual, mental or physical, we need to decide whether we live that story or create another story that alleviates suffering. When we choose the latter, we live aligned with our True Nature. We live with more peace. More joy.

It is not easy, but it is possible.

And challenging to do alone.

I want to help.

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”
– Diane Mariechild
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